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Welcome to Brands and Barbed Wire, the ranching and beef cattle podcast you’ve been waiting for! I’m your host Jim Johnson and I’ll take you behind the brands and we’ll look through the barbed wire at some of the most iconic ranches in the world. We’ll sit down and hear the stories, many of which have never been told of the most prominent beef cattle operations in history as well as the influential people who have shaped the ranching and beef cattle industry. So sit back, kick off your boots and prepare to be entertained as I introduce you to those captivating stories from the legends of the brands and where there’s no barbed wire that’s going to hold us back. The Brands and Barbed Wire podcast can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

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Meet the host of Brands and Barbed Wire

Meet Jim as he opens up the world of ranching, from the true stories, adventures and iconic history to the innovation, science and stewardship of today. Jim has been uniquely blessed with this opportunity and hopes you’ll find these guests and their stories, entertaining, thought provoking and introduces you to different people, ranches and environments that makes this industry so diverse and challenging.
Meet The Host


Great Podcast!
Not being in the cattle business my expectations were mixed about this podcast. However the host asked great questions and the guest's colorful, honest and raw answers were very enjoyable to listen to. The show takes you back through cattle and cowboy history, one of the oldest American ventures, but cleverly weaves in the interesting science of today which focuses on not only profitability but sustainability as well. Can't wait for the next episode!!!


Real Deal!
Jim is a real cattleman that can entertain with the best of then. He does justice to each story and adds to the conversations through his knowledge and research. I know him personally, he's as good as they come and serious about cattle.

Pickle willy

Rich history of the cattle industry!
Love learning about these family's and their path to where they are today. Jim's voice & easy conversation was made for the podcast. 


Such a cool and unique podcast
I love Jim's podcast voice! This is gonna be a cool podcast for sure! 


What a voice
Looking forward to hearing what you have to say., With a voice like that, you belong on the radio!

cattle insights

Great insight into agricultural history
Whether you're involved in cattle or not I think this a great podcast to try. The stories from these historical ranches although mostly cattle specific are wildly entertaining and very east to understand even if you have little background in agriculture. 



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